Windows VPN Configuration Guide

In this guide we will be discussing how to setup a Windows VPN with ProperVPN on Windows 10. There are a few pieces of information you will need before starting: the DNS Name of the ProperVPN location you’d like to connect to and your personal credentials.

Your VPN credentials can be found in the Account Dashboard under ‘VPN Credentials’.

Windows 10 *must* use for the server name due to how Windows 10 works.

When using, you will automatically be routed to the closest and fastest location to ensure a great experience.

Step One

From the Desktop of your Windows 10 computer, click on the Start menu

Step Two

In the search box, type in “ethernet” and click on “Change ethernet settings”

Step Three

Under “Network and Internet,” click on “VPN”

Step Four

This should bring you to the following window

Step Five

Use the following configuration to connect to ProperVPN. You will need to enter the information into the VPN window.

  • For configuring Windows 10 to use ProperVPN simply select ‘Windows (built-in) as your provider.
  • Choose the name of your connection. This will be the name of your ProperVPN network location that you will select in the future, so you choose a name related to that. For example, we chose “vpn-kentucky” because we will be using the service located in Kentucky.
  • Enter the hostname that you previously saved from the ProperVPN locations list.
  • Select IKEv2 for the VPN type.

Select user name and password for type of sign-in info and use your username and password from the VPN Credentials in your Account Dashboard.

Once you have finished entering the information, click “Save.”

Step Six

Back on your desktop, click on your network settings. You should now see an option to select the VPN network you created.