VPN for Macbook Configuration Guide

The following configuration guide covers VPN for Macbook. ProperVPN Community Edition is available for free.

The community edition of ProperVPN uses intelligent region routing to ensure you automatically connect to the fastest server in your region.

The ProperVPN unlimited edition allows access to any of our locations globally and offers unlimited data and unrestricted speeds.

Before we start, you will need to retrieve your account credentials from the account dashboard.:

  • You will be configuring a IKEv2 VPN session.
  • The hostname for the server is ‘vpn.propervpn.com’
  • The remote id for the server is vpn.propervpn.com.
  • You will automatically be routed to the closest location near you to ensure optimal performance.

Step One

Click on “Wireless” and select “Open Network Preferences”

Step Two

Click on the plus icon in the bottom left to add a new connection.

Step Three

For interface type, select “VPN.” You will want to select IKEv2 for the type.

For Service Name, you can enter whatever you prefer but we recommend using ProperVPN

Step Four

Enter the Server Address.

Note: For using an IKEv2 VPN type, this is where you enter the Remote ID

Then click on “Authentication Settings”

Step Five

Select your authentication type.

Note: Select username/password authentication, enter your username and password that you previously retrieved from the account dashboard.

Step Six

Exit the “Authentication” menu and click on “Connect” to save the VPN connection.

After the setup is complete, you will be able to conveniently connect to the ProperVPN network from the top right of your menu bar. All IPv4, IPv6, and DNS traffic from your Macbook will be encrypted to our servers before routing to the rest of the global internet. Our servers have the bare minimum of software installed to ensure great performance and we take several steps to ensure your internet activity is private, secure and reliable. We will never inspect, monetize or analyze your internet traffic.