VPN network Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VPN Network?

VPN stands for virtual private network, a network technology that provides a secure, encrypted connection to ensure protected access over a network, such as the Internet.

Why ProperVPN?

A ProperVPN connection is essential for protecting your information that could otherwise have a risk of being accessed by potential network hackers. By using a VPN network your connection is encrypted from your access point to our service, which improves your security posture by using a trusted source for your private internet access.

It is virtually impossible in today’s world to avoid working on public networks, whether it being a coffee shop or an airport. The steady increase of private information, both business and personal, being exchanged and openly exposed over unsecured networks creates an important need for an established and encrypted internet connection. Although you may not feel at risk due to password-protected logins for activities with SSL (i.e. banking, booking flights, social media), without a trusted VPN service your personal information can be vulnerable to cyber criminals.

How does ProperVPN keep you safe?

ProperVPN is designed to protect information from hackers trying to access information over an unsecured network connection, such as public Wi-Fi and personal home internet connections.  ProperVPN creates a tunnel between the you and the ProperVPN network, creating a secure connection utilizing AES-256 military grade encryption. The encrypted and secure connection stops hackers from being able to view or access your information or see your online browsing activity.

Protection from malicious hackers

The encrypted ProperVPN tunnel prevents others from accessing your information when using WiFi, untrusted or compromised networks. While using ProperVPN, your internet access is assigned both a IPv4 and IPv6 address on the ProperVPN network, which adds a layer of protection in front of your internet access.

How do I configure ProperVPN?

ProperVPN provides configuration guides for VPN for Macbook, Windows VPN and Android VPN.

The easiest way to connect is to use the iPhone App, which takes care of all configuration for you.

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