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ProperVPN Community Edition

Today, we’re excited to announce the best free vpn available today and we’re calling it ProperVPN Community Edition.

With Community Edition, you’ll be able to connect to the vpn location near you automatically and enjoy encrypted IPv4, IPv6 and Private DNS. The standard ProperVPN full stack privacy solution to help keep your personal information safe.

The service does have some limitations when compared to our premium unlimited access service. We restrict the amount of data for free users to 10GB per month, but we also have a built in referral system in our iPhone app that lets you gain an extra 5GB credit for every user that signs up with your referral code.

Our community edition servers often share the premium version servers but we have some performance logic in place to ensure our unlimited access will have priority routing of their traffic.

At times, due to load for community edition we will re-route the free version to less optimal locations to balance traffic. Our intelligent region routing will automatically connect users to a server in their region to ensure a great service but there may be some additional latency. We’ll always do our best to map community users to locations within their close geographic proximity to avoid crossing oceans or introducing a large amount of latency in to their internet experience. We really appreciate our unlimited access subscribers who allow us to provide the best free vpn to everyone.

Our iPhone VPN app is already on the app store and serving Community Edition traffic, which has already received tremendous feedback.

We’re working hard to finish our Macbook, iPad and Android apps but ProperVPN can be used on any device by following our configuration guides.

As always, we do not inspect, analyze or monetize any traffic for either our free service or paid service. Enjoy the best free vpn today!

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Announcing the ProperVPN iPhone App

Today, we are very pleased to announce that the official ProperVPN app is available on the iPhone App store. The app makes it super simple to use ProperVPN, and connect to all of our locations.

The ProperVPN iPhone app supports all the basic features you get when using a native device configuration. The iPhone app also provides the option for “always on” mode, which ensures your device uses ProperVPN all the time; therefore, mitigating your risk exposure when you can’t connect.

We’re very thankful to all our beta testers and early adopters who have signed up showing their support!

Not a customer? You can sign up directly in the app or on our website and share your account across up to six devices.

WiFi Pineapple

Rogue Access Point Defenses

Today, there are rogue access points, commonly referred to as a wifi pineapple device everywhere. Since the beginning of WiFi, low level network access attacks have been extremely easy; however, these days just about anyone with minimal technical skills can violate one’s privacy via a Pineapple device.

Wifi Pineapple devices can fit in backpacks or pockets and require very little power. They can operate off a battery pack and steal information for days, whether at coffee shops, airports, shopping malls or a car parked outside your home.

Once a device connects to any of these networks, there are a number of low-level network attacks that can be enabled. For example, they can view your entire connection and try to coerce you to install fake SSL certificates, which will then allow these devices to decrypt even https traffic to bank sites, social media and others. If they are successful in doing so, the attacker can view your login credentials, personal information, private messages, and gain access to your accounts.

By ensuring a proper military-grade encrypted connection between your device and the ProperVPN service, you are add a layer of defense against your traffic, credentials and personal information being stolen, even if your device automatically connects to a rogue access point.

Protect your iPhone today with the ProperVPN iPhone app.

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