ProperVPN – iPhone VPN

Free VPN for iPhone

Free VPN for iPhone

Secure Private Internet Access

The ProperVPN iPhone app provides secure private internet access for your device.

We also offer ProperVPN on native platforms and can be configured for Mac OS X, Windows 10, Android VPN, and iPhone native.

The ProperVPN iPhone app makes it a painless process to sign up and connect to a better internet experience. Simply download the app from the app store, login and click connect. The app supports in-app registration, so if you need an account you can sign up for community edition directly in the app.

The app also supports always-on VPN mode to ensure your device does not use the internet without being connected to the ProperVPN service.

Community Edition

Community Edition users can gain data credit by referring customers. Once the app is loaded, simply go login and go to settings where you can find your referral code. Give this code to your friends and family when they sign up in-app and your free community edition will be credited with additional data. The community edition of the app provides 10GB of data transfer and unlimited access users are given priority to better servers and locations.

Community Edition users are unable to select a location. ProperVPN uses advanced networking techniques to automatically route community users to the location closest to them to ensure optimal performance. When connected to community edition you will be routed to a server in your close geographic proximity.

Unlimited Access Mode

With unlimited access mode, you’re able to access any of our locations and select which one you would like to connect to directly in the iPhone VPN app.

Users who signed up through the website or other apps are able to seamlessly use their same account across all devices. ProperVPN allows up to six devices per household.

Thank you for using the iPhone VPN by ProperVPN!