About ProperVPN

ProperVPN was founded by a group of network engineers, programmers and serial entrepreneurs who have strong beliefs in privacy and social responsibility. Over the years, we found a number of VPN services to be unreliable or cater to a audience that didn’t align with our core values or needs. Additionally, the service was often poor, in some cases insecure, unreliable, simply a really bad internet experience filled with captchas and being blocked by service providers.

After building an extensive global virtual network for our own needs aligned with our values, we quickly realized the service should be offered to the world.

So, the ProperVPN brand was established by CipherCards, Inc. We greatly respect user privacy and will never analyze or inspect users VPN traffic for monetization purposes. We only retain basic user information required for payment processing and contacting them about issues with their account. We only retain technical logs as long as needed (typically less than 24 hours) to debug issues and ensure we can provide the best VPN service possible. Users can delete all their data at any time but cancelling their subscription and clicking “Delete My Account” in the account dashboard. For payment processing to prevent fraud, we may need to retain some records for a period of time but will delete all information as soon as possible. Please see our Privacy Policy for additional information.

CipherCards, Inc. longer term vision is still under heavy development and ProperVPN will be the underlying network for a number of core security and privacy services by CipherCards, Inc.