The Internet done properly

Isn’t it time for a better internet? Think ProperVPN.

ProperVPN is launching new services in 2021 and not currently accepting new sign ups.

  • ✓ Global secure internet access
  • ✓ Free VPN community edition
  • ✓ Fast, reliable, and clean
  • ✓ ProperVPN IP mask
  • ✓ Private DNS
  • ✓ Native IPv6 support
  • ✓ No traffic monetization or inspection
  • ✓ AES-256 military-grade encryption
  • ✓ Intelligent region routing
  • ✓ Pineapple defense (rogue access point)

Globally available, ultra-reliable and free VPN

The community edition service by ProperVPN is a free vpn that utilizes a number of partners to ensure the best connectivity on every corner of the planet. Our team is comprised of network engineers and programmers who have built and operated some of the largest service networks on the planet.

We utilize advanced networking knowledge to ensure your connection is handled in a safe, secure, and reliable fashion. Most free VPN services monetize your traffic. ProperVPN provides the same level of service as our unlimited access package by using intelligent routing to automatically route you to the best location.

Our operating policies are built around ensuring user privacy in all areas of their internet connectivity.

Why ProperVPN?

A ProperVPN connection is essential for protecting your information that could otherwise have a risk of being accessed by third parties. By using the ProperVPN network your connection is encrypted from your access point to our service, which improves your security posture by using a trusted source for your private internet access.

Additionally, we value your privacy and will never use your browsing behavior to harvest marketing information or sell to marketing agencies. It is not uncommon for internet providers, free wifi providers, or other free vpn providers to sell user data.

When using ProperVPN, your information is encrypted and internet providers or free access points can’t view your browsing behavior.

It is virtually impossible in today’s world to avoid working on public networks, whether it being a coffee shop or an airport. The steady increase of private information, both business and personal, being exchanged and openly exposed over unsecured networks creates an important need for an established and encrypted internet connection. Although you may not feel at risk due to password-protected logins for activities with SSL (i.e. banking, booking flights, social media), without a trusted VPN service your personal information can be viewed.

Simple to set up, and works with any device

ProperVPN works with the latest versions of Mac OS, iPad, Windows 10, iPhone, and Android. Just download the ProperVPN app for free VPN access from the app store or follow one of our easy setup guides.

We’re committed to your privacy

At ProperVPN, we believe in running a service that respects user privacy. With ProperVPN, you get a total privacy solution that encompasses IPv4, IPv6 and private DNS.  We will never log, inspect, analyze, or monetize your internet traffic. We route your entire internet connection across our virtual network utilizing IKEv2 AES-256 encryption, commonly referred to as military grade encryption.

A socially responsible ProperVPN service

Our zero tolerance of abuse policy benefits our users by keeping our network clean, which we feel is a social responsibility as well as a requirement for ensuring end-user privacy.

ProperVPN is launching a whole new suite of services in 2021 and not currently accepting new sign ups.

Please check back regularly or find us on the App Store.